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Some major projects are listed below.  

Project | 01

Phenomenologies of Scripture

The "theological turn" in phenomenology has re-invigorated the connection between philosophy and theology.  Yet, if the theological turn is going to endure, phenomenology must pay attention to the scriptures on which religious practice and thought are based.  In Phenomenologies of Scripture, prominent phenomenologists and biblical scholars offer interpretations of biblical texts and assess the methodological implications of phenomenological approaches to scripture. Contributors include Jeffrey Bloechl, Walter Brueggemann, Jean-Luis Chrétien, Kevin Hart, Robyn Horner, Emmanuel Housset, Jean-Yves Lacoste, Jean-Luc Marion, Dale B. Martin, and Robert Sokolowski. This edited collection was published by Fordham University Press in Spring 2017     

Project | 02

The Manifest and the Revealed

By reading the “kenōsis hymn” (Philippians 2:6-11) alongside the work of Edmund Husserl, I develop a "kenotic reduction" that rehabilitates the Husserlian idea of absolute science while also disclosing the radical philosophical implications of Paul’s “new creation.”  This manuscript will be published by SUNY Press (Theology and Continental Thought series) in Fall 2018.

Project | 03

Apocalyptic Belief

My next major project will explore the spread of apocalyptic beliefs and associated religions movements, which raise fascinating questions about the nature of religious commitment.  How, for instance, do first and second century Christians in Rome come to see themselves as historically linked to Jews in Babylon?  How is it possible for an American from Kansas with no connection to Islam to end up fighting in Syria for the Islamic State?  How does an apocalyptic worldview allow individuals and groups to "suspend" conventional views of history, family, ethics, and national identity? 

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